Treating Insomnia is Big Business

Did you know that sleep is a big business that is absolutely booming? One very profitable niche of the sleep industry is behavioral sleep medicine. Mental health workers are now becoming train to treat insomnia specific sleep disorders using both cognitive and behavioral techniques. Today we interview a leading psychologist in this area. Dr. Tiffany Gerard was trained to treat insomnia by the veterans health administration (VHA) and she has been practicing for the past decade.

Dr. Gerard describes a high success rate using this technique. She states “I was a bit skeptical about this technique at first, but I soon realized how absolutely effective it was. I would say it works for about 90% of my patients. Most see a dramatic increase in the quality of sleep.”

Dr. Gerard also emphasizes that but her sleep is not necessarily more sleep. She notes “most patients that I see you do not end up getting greater quantities of sleep, rather they get better quality or more continuous sleep. Thus, they have greater sleep satisfaction overall.”

Other sleep disorders
Dr. Gerard often refers patients to specialty providers when their presentation seems bigger than insomnia. For example, if her patients have risk factors and exhibit symptoms consistent with sleep apnea, show often refer them to sleep specialist. In some cases she recommends anti-snoring mouthpieces to help. This is only after sleep apnea is ruled out. Dr. Gerard recommends Zyppah in particular, although there are many snoring aids on the market. You can buy Zyppah online and the cost is well worth it. Sleep


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